Normal Cage Rental


70 x 12 x 16

Pitching machine with staff member

Great for practices

Hittrax Cage


Real time data and results

Ability to play games

fun night out

Pitching machine and staff member

Turf Area


Great for multiple sports

Climate controlled environment ensures play

Enough space for large groups

Group Lessons


Opportunity to train with an Academy coach in small groups

Good ratio leading to strong instruction

Economical choice

Private Lessons

Inquire For Prices

One on One training with coach of choice

Pricing will vary depending on coach

Individualized practice planned suited for specific player

Personal Training

$40/Hour Individual

$60/Hour Semi-Private

Train with our qualified strength and conditioning coach

Specialized plans

Ability to work on all aspects of fitness

Whole Facility


Great for events

Ideal for birthday parties

Can handle up to three teams practicing at once