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Are you a player looking to take his or her game to the next level?  Look no further.  The Baseball Academy offers a 24 week program that helps you reach your full potential.  In the 24 week program you will improve your throwing, hitting, fielding, pitching and knowledge of the game.  After 4 weeks of sport specific training, we hit the weight room.  Our Strength and Conditioning program is what sets us apart from all the others.  Do you think you have what it takes to be part of this group?

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FUNdamentals (Sunday)

What is Rally Cap?

The Rally Cap program is Baseball Canada’s Official Initiation Program. This program has been designed specifically for young baseball players ages 4-8 and aims to increase interest in baseball at young ages.

Players participate in combined practice/game structured events, while progressing through six skill levels.   At each level, they will earn a specific cap colour. White, Grey, Black, Green, Blue and Red.

Rally Cap Goals?

  1. Create a fun baseball environment for both children and adults.
  2. Teach baseball skills, rules and strategies to our players.
  3. Model and teach good sportsmanship.
  4. Promote increased self-esteem among our young athletes.

There are many benefits to choosing this FUNdamental Program.

  • Increase one on one learning opportunities as a result of small group sizes.
  • Develops proper mechanics for throwing and hitting at young ages.
  • Teaches game knowledge and strategies.
  • Develops skill acquisition in a structured manner.

The program will be divided into 10 weeks.

In week one players will be evaluated to see what Rally Cap level they are starting in.

In weeks two threw nine players will be learning skills through drills and games to help them achieve the next level in the Rally Cap Program.

In week 10 players will be re-evaluated to see what level they can now achieve.

Cost – $300 plus hst

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Game Changer (Sunday)

My First Pitch

Mechanics and drills for beginner baseball pitchers

My First Pitch program is the official introduction to Baseball Canada’s pitching program. This program has been designed specifically for all young baseball players age 9-13 and aims to increase interest in baseball at the Learn to Train stage of development.

My First Pitch Goals

  1. Reduce the number of young athletes with elbow/shoulder injuries by teaching them the proper throwing mechanics.
  2. Provide athletes with the necessary skills to play baseball in order to increase fun.
  3. Prevent coaches and athletes to specialize in one position at this specific age group.
  4. Increase awareness of pitch count and the negative effect of overuse.
  5. Stress the importance that this is the most important stage for the development of baseball specific skills as it is a period of accelerated learning of coordination and fine motor control. It is also a time when children enjoy practicing skills they learn and seeing their own improvement.

Why choose My First Pitch?

  • Introduce topics such as grips, set up on the mound, momentum, stride, landing, release and follow through as well as multiple drills to identify and correct major pitching flaws.
  • Show athletes the proper way of throwing the ball while helping reducing the chances of getting injured in the future.
  • Act as a vehicle to avoid early specialization.

Why should young players participate in the My First Pitch Program?

  • Learn basic throwing skills and mechanics
  • Enjoy the position of a pitcher during a baseball game
  • Learn how to take care of your arm following a game
  • Increase your overall abilities as an athlete
  • Transfer those throwing skills to other complementary sports

*Information about the Rally Cap Program and My First Pitch were supplied by Baseball Canada and Ontario Baseball Association


My First Pitch will be a 10 week program.

In weeks 1 and 2 players will learn pitching specific drills to help them improve on the mound.

In weeks 3 and 4 players will learn hitting specific drills along with some pitching

In weeks 5 and 6 players will learn fielding specific drills along with pitching and hitting

In weeks 7 and 8 players will be put into simulated games with instruction throughout the games

In weeks 9 and 10 players will be divided into teams where they will compete in a best of 5 series

Cost – $450 plus hst


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FUNdamentals (Sundays)

The Baseball Academy offers an 8 week program that teaches boys and girls ages 4-8 the fundamental skills based on Baseball Canada’s Rally Cap program. Email us at for more information.

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Game Changer (Sundays)

The Baseball Academy offers an 8 week program that teaches boys and girls ages 9-13 all the fundamentals of baseball but is based on Baseball Canada’s My First Pitch program . Email us at for more information.

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Featured Camps

Featured Camps

Summer Camp

The Baseball Academy’s Summer Camp is its biggest event of the year.  The Camp is split into two groups with boys and girls ages 13 and under training together and boys and girls ages 14 and up training together.  The focus of the younger group is grass roots fundamentals and learning the game from the best in a fun setting. The older group continues with fundamentals and more advanced teaching.




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